Italmake Group

A young company operating in the mechanical and chemical sector, it has internationally known brands. Specialized in the production and distribution of Made in Italy products.

The Mechanical division of the Italmake Group operates in the mechanical machining sector.

Our goals adapt to the customer’s needs: quality in detail, precision, optimization of delivery times. We mainly produce small and medium-sized mechanical parts, turned and milled, on behalf of third parties.

We deal with different types of machining in the precision mechanics sector, offering numerous solutions and responding to the needs of our customers

The Chemical division of the Italmake Group makes its products and know-how available to provide the professional with a technical setup that allows them to achieve quality and competence at the service of the customer.

The quality of our products, together with a competitive price, are the factors of our success.

All products are made in Europe and therefore comply with high quality standards, are scrupulously tested before being marketed and are in line with the new cosmetic regulation 1223/2009.

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